Really, we get a lot accomplished!



Post-Fordist ideas, knitting, new jobs, pancake recipes, applications, sustainability, place-making, festivals, hot dogs…and this was just Week 1 at WCR.

Working Culture Residency has been a hybrid of late 19th-century philosophical salons, an intense open-plan office, professional development session, and a lunch out with new friends. In just a few days, Working Culture Residency is not only offering a home for and investigating the working culture of the culture sector, but is creating its own sub-culture that I am delighted to be part of.

“There needs to be more projects like this” has been said several times over the course of this week. So what is it about this project that we need more of? I’m sure I’ll get more of a clear picture as time goes on, but from the outset it is abundantly apparent that we in the sector need more opportunities to interact than simply attending openings of exhibitions together. We need more than to “like” one another on Facebook. We need more than emailed “we should get together”s. From the conversations that have taken place, the breadth of experience and talent of the participants – we just need to be in the same room and suddenly possibilities are endless!

I’m chomping at the bit for Week 2!


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