It’s the first week of spring and things are blooming at WCR

IMG_9237 IMG_9190 IMG_9186 IMG_9183 IMG_9180 IMG_9178 IMG_9176 IMG_9172 IMG_9170 IMG_9168 IMG_9163

The unofficial themes of the week centred on questions of how we define work, how we assess value, and how do I get on a quiz show.

As we settled into our work week, many of the conversations started to look at what is work? What counts as a job? Given that many of us came into art and the creative sector after being told ‘there’s no money in that’, what is it that draws us to creative practice and how do we change cultural and personal perceptions of work and achievement? How do we evaluate and value cultural production? Does economic language have any place in how we speak about the cultural sector?

We haven’t arrived at any specific answers, but it’s clear from discussions that these questions are at the forefront of many sector workers’ concerns. That, and how can we become contestants on Pointless…


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