What font are you?

It may sound absurd, but this question came up quite a few times last week! There is even a buzzfeed quiz – I know, I took it. In all seriousness, the question led to some really interesting if not comical discussions around how we identify ourselves, our experiences with digital culture, and the constant quest to make sense of the life of the creative.

WCR also hosted a workshop by Teresa Almeida who is working on her PhD at Culture Lab, focusing on HCI and intimate care, a couple of PhD students preparing for their vivas, and a wonderful mix of freelancers!

This week I look forward to even more discussion as Working Culture Residency hosts an informal Round Table with some of our participants and members of the local Council. It’s not often that we get to sit around a table with a cup of tea to discuss policy and grassroots efforts to shape the local culture scene, so this should be a great week!

There are only two weeks left of the Working Culture Residency project, and limited spaces available. Please email if you would like to take part and we’ll see if we can’t squeeze you in! It’s not all work and no play – when the sun is out, we ditch the laptops and head out into the sunshine for lunch and to look for the sand dog artists!




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